About us

BERG is your expert supplier of equipment for special applications. We target those difficult conditions that many others try to avoid – aseptic environments, steam, extreme temperature and pressure, corrosion, explosion hazards, and more. We work hard and develop our expertise to ensure that your production process runs smoothly and safely, just like it should. This is why our moto is:


Difficult applications made easy!


We offer three highly specialized product lines.

BERG Control is our line of low-pressure (up to 16 bars) valves, tubes and fittings. Our aseptic stainless steel valves, tubes, fittings and accessories serve the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical and biotech industries. We also supply corrosion-resistant valves, tubes and fittings, with a full range of high-grade polymers. Our fully plastic and lined valves and accessories are ideal for any process, involving acids and other corrosive media.

BERG Energy is a range of high-pressure valves (class 2500) and pipes, tailored for the needs of petroleum production, transportation, and refining, as well as power generation in its many forms. The product range is extensive and the valves and pipes comply with the strictest international standards (API, ASME, ISO, EN, BS, GOST and others). From the oilfield, through the pipeline and refinery, to the power station – we have it covered.

BERG Safety is our line for explosion-proof fittings and fixtures. We supply a full spectrum of fixtures for applications in explosive environments in petroleum production and refining, mining and processing, shipping, and a wide variety of manufacturing processes involving flammable substances. The equipment is manufactured up to the most rigid standards for explosion protection.


The product range that we supply to our clients is extensive and constantly expanding. This is why sometimes not all products that we can offer are reflected on our website on time. If you do not see here the product that you are looking for, we may still have it. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!