Liquid Analysis

Liquid Analysis


pH/ORP, conductivity, oxygen, turbidity, disinfection, nutrients, organic load


With glass electrodes and glass-free sensors (ISFET) employing Memosens® technology, we offer a complete sensor family for all applications.
Transmitters are also available as an explosion proof version, with assemblies for a wide variety of uses and fully automatic measuring systems.


Conductive sensors with Memosens® technology and inductive sensors for all measuring ranges
Transmitters are also available as an explosion proof, integrated measuring system, calibration system.


Optical sensors based on the Memosens® technology using the 90° scattered light method and sensors using the 4-beam pulsed light method for lowest to high concentrations, zone-tracking optoelectronic and ultrasonic measurement of sludge levels

Dissolved Oxygen

Amperometric and optical sensors with Memosens® technology for continuous measurement of the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water supply and for oxygen trace measurement


Total chlorine and free with Memosens® technology for disinfection in the treatment of drinking water and swimming pools
Flow assembly for simultaneous measurement of chlorine and pH/ORP


Photometric and ion-selective analyzers for water and wastewater control processes to ensure quality and optimize costs
They monitor nutrients, organic load as well as metals and are available as in-situ and cabinet systems.


Extra large display with plain text operation via navigator and softkeys, flexible module concept
4-wire multichannel and multi-parameter device
2-wire device as explosion proof, housing made of plastic and stainless steel, HART®, PROFIBUS®, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus


Portable and stationary samplers for automatic sample-taking, defined distribution and safe storage of fluid samples