Measurement of process pressure/differential pressure in acids, sludges, gases or vapors


A compact pressure transducer with preset measuring range
The range offers robust ceramic sensors up to 600 psi or metal sensors up to 400 bar for absolute and overpressure measurements

Pressure switch

For safe measurement and monitoring of absolute pressure and overpressure in gases, vapors, liquids and dusts
Smooth operation with display and on-site operation as well as a modular adapter system for easy connection to all processes

Process transmitters

Tailored to your application and through E+H’s manufacturing capabilities, we can easily meet your needs for continuous measurement, absolute pressure and gauge pressure in gases, steams or liquids.

Electronic Differential Pressure

The only solution to replace costly capillary lines, thus eliminating issues due to shift in temperature, condensation, or line imbalances
Easily replace individual spare parts, lowering the cost of ownership