Continuous level measurement and point level detection



Continuous non-contact Time of Flight measurement in liquids, even under extreme conditions such as changes of medium, gas formation, vapor, vacuum


Continuous non-contact measurement in liquids and bulk solids
Independent of specific medium properties

Guided radar

Continuous non-contact Time of Flight measurement in liquids and bulk solids
Independent of product properties such as humidity, density, dielectric constant, etc.
Reliable and safe interface measurement even with emulsion layers


Non-contact external measurement
For all extreme applications (e.g. toxic or highly aggressive media)

Vibronics for liquids

Point level switch for all liquids even in the presence of build-up, turbulence or air bubbles
Independent of the electrical properties of the medium

Vibronics for solids

Point level detection in all kinds of bulk solids up to a maximum grain size of approx. 10mm
Calibration free, maintenance-free


Level optimized pressure sensor cell for measurement in liquids, pastes and sludges
Independent of foam formation and changing product properties

Differential pressure

Level measurement in closed, pressurized vessels
Not affected by dielectric constant, foam, turbulences or obstacles


Point level detection and continuous level measurement in liquids and bulk solids
Even with aggressive media and heavy build-up


Easy, cost-effective level limit detection in conductive liquids such as water, wastewater, liquid foodstuffs, etc.

Electromechanical level system

Robust, mechanical system for measurement in bulk solids for applications in high vessels (up to 300ft/70m)
Unaffected by heavy dust formation