Sensors and transmitters for the process industry

Head transmitters

Select models offer field transmitter capabilities in head transmitter footprint.
The optional plug-on display can be used with an iTEMP TMT82, TMT84 or TMT85 temperature transmitter, simply plug it on to the transmitter.

DIN rail transmitters

For mounting rails ensuring safe, process-near transmission of the sensor signal

Field transmitters

With on-site display (optional) for optimum safety and reliability requirements

Resistance thermometers

A wide range of process connections, mineral-insulated conductors and replaceable measuring inserts are available.
Also available in compact design with M12 or 7/8” plug-in connector for simple and safe connection


For measurements at high temperatures even under the most difficult conditions

Temperature switches

For monitoring, display and regulation of process temperatures
Available with various process connections (standard and hygienic)
The sensors can be used in measuring ranges from -50 °C bis +200 °C