Mixers & Blenders

Mixers & Blenders

Blend wet and dry ingredients together quickly and precisely with the Ampco PM Powder Mixer. The PM Powder Mixer will save time and money by providing optimal mixing consistency and reduced processing time.

The PM Powder Mixer is set in-line so there is no limit to the batch size.

Ampco can customize a powder mixer designed to specific applications, further maximizing efficiency and providing a superior end product.

Inline Shear Pumps and Blenders

SB series has trapezoidal teeth that are adjustable by axially shimming the impeller. The blender comes with 4 shims.
SBH series has rectangular teeth with small radial slots for the highest shear possible. Different impeller/cover sets are available for different applications.
SBI series has an integrated impeller while still maintaining 2 rows of static and dynamic shear teeth. It is a very capable pump and blender!
Utilizes a single SBI pump for triple duty:
1. Induces powder
2. Pumps with surprising capabilities
3. Shears product immediately
Best for low viscosity, high flow applications
Five SBI sizes are available
SBI-R10: 300 l/min + 9 kg/min
SBI-R20: 420 l/min + 18 kg/min
SBI-V520: 950 l/min + 34 kg/min
SBI-V530: 1.230 l/min + 68 kg/min
SBI-V540: 1.900 l/min + 80 kg/min

PM powder mixer / PI System

Cart to accommodate SP and SBH pumps and hopper
Piping and motor starter included
High powder and highest shear option
Four sizes available:
SP-210 – bis 230 l/min / 50 kg / min
SP-215 – bis 380 l/min / 80 kg/min
SP-220 – bis 530 l/min / 100 kg/min
SP-225 – bis 760 l/min / 145 kg/min

AC+ Dry Blender

Ergonomic base or cart setup
Simple clamp-together construction
Fixed flow and induction on the high pressure side of a feed pump
Three sizes are available:
AC+2116: 190 l/min + 23 kg/min
AC+3218: 450 l/min + 45 kg/min
AC+4329: 570 l/min + 160 kg/min